Dear Jeweler, 

On New Year's Eve

we want you smiling, 

because you did everything

to maximize 2017 sales.


You bought the best SKUs, moved old inventory, and chose the right marketing mix. But, how do you know you've got the best marketing mix? There's no shortage of options among TV / radio, website / social media, and brochures / catalogs. None have very predictable ROIs which makes picking tricky. This judgment call may feel more like a siren call, but it’s a choice that must be made.

Ultimately, making the right marketing mix is a combination of the business owner's intuition and some careful cost management.


To print, or not to print?


The big brands always print. So, how much sales would it take to offset the print cost of a brochure or catalog representing your business’s brand? How much sales could a print piece bring into your business? At CCS, we’re an experienced, small team with a family approach to helping you answer these questions. We create print pieces that represent your store’s image and get attention, because we see print as a key ingredient to get your customers in the right frame of mind and into your store.

Our long-standing relationships with national printers allow us to get you the best possible pricing.

We make communication a breeze and work with you every step of the way to make the creation of your print piece a smooth and precise process.

• We work on your schedule.

• We collect images from your vendors.

• We customize all your pages.

• We coordinate mailing to your customers.

Let us show you just how easy it is to create a beautiful, custom catalog to enhance your business's sales for 2017.


Let's get personal.